Specializing in Payroll Services for Houston and Katy, TX

Our payroll services are always treated as priority one.  It must be paid on time and accurately. We also fine tune withholdings of highly compensated individuals to reflect their complex or special tax situations. 

When you hire our bookkeeping service to do your payroll, you can rest assured that you will never have to worry about missing a payment, new regulations, or overdue taxes.  We will keep a close eye on your finances so you can keep an eye on your business.

Keep reading to learn more about our payroll service in Katy and Houston, TX, or take a look at our page on payroll and payroll tax.  

What Our Payroll Services Have to Offer

  • Knowledgeable staff to provide professional service tailored to your business needs
  • Standard reports or reports tailored to your business
  • Diverse payroll schedules available
  • Diverse withholding capabilities, including full State Unemployment reporting compliance
  • Standard payrolls, bonus/commission payrolls, and additional payrolls available
  • Direct deposit supported, including ability to use multiple accounts
  • Custom and standard deductions
  • Tracking and accruals of time off (Sick, Personal, Vacation, and Custom options)
  • Simplified data entry worksheets
  • Support for electronic payment of federal payroll taxes
  • Filing for the following forms: quarterly Form 941, Annual Form 940, federal and state payroll, state insurance
  • W-2 & W-3 forms service and reporting

Payroll Services You Can Rely On

Learn more about how our payroll services can allow your business to operate more smoothly and efficiently.

Are you a local or international business looking for the most personalized payroll services? Whether you are  in the Katy and Houston, TX area or a business with international home offices, we can serve you! At Aberdare Business Solutions, we will work with you the help you get organized and provide you the professional services you need. Contact us today and we will help you get started!
Payroll Services Houston, TX

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